White Knight Awards


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  1. The 2013 round of the White Knight Awards will open for nominations on 1st August 2013. All nominations must be received by 31tst Aug and voting will commence on 4th October 2013.
  2. Voting will close on the 31st October 2013
  3. Authors nominated in the 'New Author' category must not have been writing in the Xander fandom for longer than 12 months. (Proof will be required - websites/journals are acceptable proof.)
  4. All nominated fics must be publically accessable without requiring the user to register for a site. Friends locked entries on journal websites (LJ, GJ, IJ, DW etc) are not acceptable, nor are posts via Yahoo Groups. If hosting is required, sites such as I Need A Parrot will accept all Xander-centric fic.
  5. All nominations must be accompanied by the code phrase demon magnet. Nominations which do not include this code phrase will be discarded.
  6. Nominated authors and/or site owners may not vote for themselves.
  7. Authors are currently permitted to nominate themselves.
  8. Authors can only be nominated once per category.
  9. All stories must be completed in all categories with the exception of the 'Unfinished' category. Completed stories within an ongoing series are eligible for nomination.
  10. Each category carries an upper limit of fifteen (15) nominees. Nominations are added on a 'first come, first served' basis.
  11. Multiple voting by an individual is not allowed. If this occurs, all votes from the same IP address will be discounted.
  12. The webmaster (Shona aka Mara) reserves the right to alter and amend these rules as and when required without prior notice.

If you have any questions about the site or need some clarification of the rules, please contact us (remove the NOSPAM).


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